Apple Solves Masked iPhone Unlocking Problem

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Apple Solves Masked iPhone Unlocking Problem

The new version of iOS has the ability to unlock iPhone using Apple Watch. This is reported by the Engadget edition.

The corresponding feature was found in the beta version of iOS 14.5. If the user tries to unlock the smartphone using Face ID and the biometric sensor does not recognize the owner, the system will turn to the iPhone owner's watch. If the watch was previously unlocked, then iOS will unlock the smartphone. During this process, the user will feel a vibration from the Apple Watch on their wrist, which will notify that the iPhone has been successfully unlocked.

According to journalists, this innovation solves an important problem with Face ID – an alternative unlocking method will work if the user's face is covered with a protective mask. The authors noted that the system will still require you to scan the user's face or enter a digital password in case of making purchases in the App Store. You also obviously need an Apple Watch to use the new feature.

IOS 14.5 is currently available for developers. When the new version of the OS will be released to all users is not reported.

Earlier, the network drew attention to an Apple patent, according to which future iPhones may have an unlock function using a built-in thermal imager. This will unlock the smartphone when the face of the owner of the device is covered with a mask. There is also information that Apple intends to add a Touch ID fingerprint sensor to future phones.

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