Apple unveils new power bank with wireless charging

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Apple unveils new power bank with wireless charging

Apple introduced the MagSafe external battery with wireless charging function for all versions of the iPhone 12. The device is currently only available for pre-order and only in white. The recommended battery price is $ 99. MagSafe has also appeared on Apple's Russian website at a price of 9,490 rubles, but its delivery option is not yet available. In the US, buyers will be able to purchase a new product from the corporation towards the end of July.

Apple's new battery can be used as a wireless stationary charger and can be powered from the mains while the iPhone is being charged. MagSafe also has a reverse wireless charging feature. This means that the device can be charged by the iPhone as long as it is connected to a standard wall charger.

Less than a year later, Apple has finally released the MagSafe external battery for the iPhone 12, the price in Russia is RUB 9,490.00. (US $ 99.00)

– Apple Pro (@aaplpro) July 13, 2021

The MagSafe capacity is 1460mAh. This should be enough to fully charge an iPhone 12 mini and almost fully charge an iPhone 12. MagSafe works on smartphones running iOS 14.7 or later.

The Apple battery is magnetically attached to the back of the iPhone. MagSafe does not interfere with cards and key fobs. The charge status is displayed on the lock screen. For wired charging, the manufacturer recommended purchasing a 20W or higher USB-C power adapter and a USB-C Lightning cable.

Wireless MagSafe is priced twice as much as third-party counterparts. The 5000mAh batteries from Anker and Mophie cost $ 45-50.

In the spring, enthusiasts were able to hack Apple's AirTag wireless beacon and spy on its owner. Meanwhile, the Russians do not have the opportunity to take advantage of most of the functions of this gadget. This is due to the fact that the use of Ultra-wide Band (UWB) technology is prohibited in the Russian Federation, which extends the range of AirTag up to 300 meters and allows you to more accurately determine the location of the beacon.

In July, Apple threatened to withdraw from the UK market amid litigation with patent holders for technology used in the company's smartphones. An English court could force the IT giant to pay $ 7 billion for violations.

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