Apple Voice Assistant will start working without internet

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Apple Voice Assistant will start working without internet

At WWDC 2021, Apple representatives spoke about the innovations in the work of Siri. As it turned out, the company's branded voice assistant will soon be able to work without the Internet. In addition, the assistant will be able to use not only the owners of Apple technology, but also third-party devices.

It is reported that soon Siri will learn how to work without an Internet connection. However, it should be noted that in this case its functionality will be limited. For example, an offline user will not be able to ask an assistant to find information on the Internet or to check the weather forecast. At the same time, Siri will be able to turn off or turn on music, open programs, set a timer and perform other actions for which there is no need to go online.

Among other things, it turned out that owners of third-party devices will be able to use Siri. In particular, we are talking about HomeKit accessories.

Note that these features will become available this year.

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