Apple watch rescues unconscious man in toilet

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Apple watch rescues unconscious man in toilet

A Long Island man revealed that his Apple Watch saved his life after a serious fall.

Peloton employee Brandon Schneider, 25, was admitted to hospital last month after suffering from severe stomach pain for several days. One day the guy went to the toilet in the hospital and lost consciousness there.

“I remember washing my hands and thinking to myself that something was going to happen,” Schneider said. Fortunately, the watch registered the fall and warned the man's father, who was nearby.

Computed tomography showed that the man had suffered a skull injury, as well as life-threatening hematomas. He underwent emergency surgery.

As a reminder, the fall detection feature was first added to the Apple Watch Series 4. If a person falls and does not answer the watch within 45 seconds, they send a message to their favorite contact and call emergency services.

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