APU again hit Zmeiny: enemy air defense system “Pantsir 1” hit


The APU again hit the Serpentine: the enemy air defense system "Pantsir 1" was hit

AFU again hit the Serpentine/Collage 24 channels on Snake Island. The operation of the Ukrainian forces continues to this day.

The Pantsyr1 anti-aircraft gun system was once again hit. Natalya Gumenyuk, head of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South, told about this at a briefing, Channel 24 informs. We are investigating the situation,” Gumenyuk said.

She also added that there is a storm in the Black Sea, so nature is on our side. However, the enemy left on guard several boats that carry 16 cruise missiles.

In the Operational Command “South” published a video of a strike on the invaders. It shows how the heterogeneous defense forces continue the operation on Zmein.

Latest news from Serpentine

This island in the Black Sea has been under temporary Russian occupation for more than two months. The invaders attacked it in the early days of a full-scale war. Part of the military defending the island was captured. It was reported that some were previously fired during the exchange, but 75 defenders are still in the hands of the invaders.

By the way, the infidels installed new air defense systems on Zmeiny. Satellites detected new enemy systems there on June 9.

  • Gumenyuk spoke about the successful operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on June 23. Then the enemy inflicted serious losses in manpower and equipment. Another “Pantsir C1” was also neutralized.
  • Before that, a representative of the Odessa Regional Military Administration, Sergei Bratchuk, said that the aggressor's troops were not able to replenish their supplies on Zmein. For this, our defenders carried out appropriate measures.
  • On June 20, Channel 24 intelligence reported that the Ukrainian military had attacked the island. Probably, the enemy was attacked by American HIMARS artillery systems.
  • Operational command “South” officially confirmed the strike, but noted that they used different forces and means.

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