APU from artillery in the Kharkiv region destroyed the command post of the occupiers: everyone died


AFU from artillery in Kharkiv region destroyed the control center of the occupiers: everyone died

Heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed more than 40 infidels/Collage of 24 channels

On June 17, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the command post of the Russian invaders from artillery in the Kharkiv region. All the Russian invaders who were there were killed. We are talking about more than 40 people.

The news was reported by journalist Romna Tsymbalyuk. He said that they managed to destroy the invaders from the 20th Combined Arms Army of the Western Military District (Voronezh). combined-arms army (military unit 89425, Voronezh) of the Western Military District,” the journalist said.

He added that they could not identify the dead. The bodies were burned.

Kamaz trucks with troupes of infidels arrived in Kherson.

Russian infidels will also suffer colossal losses in the South. According to intelligence agencies, a whole convoy of Kamaz trucks arrived in Kherson in June. They transported the bloody and burnt bodies of infidels.

The downed plane was also brought to the city. It was in such a bad condition that the wings had to be pulled separately.

Meanwhile, the hospital in Nova Kakhovka is overflowing with wounded invaders.

The bodies of the Russian invaders are in refrigerators of Ukrzaliznytsia

< p>Ukrzaliznytsia's refrigerators contain 107 sacks with the remains of Russian invaders. The news was announced by Sergei Leshchenko, a member of the Supervisory Board of UZ.

In total, until recently there were almost 300 of these bags.

“Russia itself is not going to take them for 3 months already. The aggressor state, which itself sent these soldiers to death in Ukraine, has not yet buried them,” Leshchenko noted.

Total losses

Ukrainian defenders and defenders inflict colossal losses on the enemy. As of June 18, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 33,350 infidels had already been liquidated. In addition, it is known about the destruction of:

  • tanks – 1,456 (+9),
  • armored fighting vehicles – 3,573 (+10),
  • artillery systems – 739 (+5),
  • MLRS – 233 (+0),
  • air defense systems – 98 (+1),
  • aircraft – 216 (+1),
  • helicopters – 180 (+0),
  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level – 594 (+1),
  • cruise missiles – 129 (+0),
  • ships/boats – 14 (+1) units,
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 2,513 (+17),
  • special equipment – 55 (+0).

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