“APU is now ready to restrain the Russians”: will Western technology come to a new offensive


"UAF ready to deter Russians now": will Western technology come to a new offensive

Ukraine expects modern armored vehicles from Western partners, which should help in counter-offensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the same weapons can also be used for defense.

About thisChannel 24said military expert, deputy director of the Center for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament, Mikhail Samus. According to him, high-precision equipment, tanks, aircraft – everything that is on the battlefield can be used both in defense and in the offensive.

He noted that now politicians have come up with the concept of “lethal”, ” offensive”, “defensive” weapons.

“In fact, these are all universal tools that are used by the command in defense and offensive,” the military expert noted.

Back to news to contain the enemy on the scale at which the fighting continues.

“We see how heroically and effectively the Ukrainian soldiers work in the Bakhmut direction. Although the Russians claim that they have occupied Soledar and Blagodatnoe, they are unlikely to place their soldiers there so that they stay alive. In fact, these are just destroyed Ukrainian settlements points that are under the fire control of Ukrainian intelligence and artillery,” he stressed.

How Western military equipment will help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in defense: watch the video

Ukrainian army ready for defense

Samus recalled an interview with General Valery Zaluzhny, in which he said that in order to carry out decisive offensive operations, he needed a certain number of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery.

In his opinion, if we proceed from this task – conducting offensive operations, then we really need 300 modern tanks. If we are talking about defensive actions, then the Ukrainian army is ready to carry them out even now.

“As not only tanks, but also heavy armored vehicles – Bradley or CV90 infantry fighting vehicles, or more precision-guided artillery, become available, Ukrainian defense capabilities will grow,” Mykhailo Samus emphasized.

New US military aid package/Channel 24 infographic

Military aid to Ukraine: what is known

  • The lower house of the Italian parliament adopted a resolution to simplify the procedure for supplying weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The point is that the transfer of the necessary military weapons will take place in a significantly simplified form until December 31, 2023.
  • Newly elected President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel takes a clear position on supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia. According to him, there can be no restrictions for our state. The former NATO general is convinced that the West should provide Ukraine with all the weapons it needs to fight.
  • Because of neutrality, Switzerland cannot transfer powerful tanks to Ukraine. However, the country is still considering the possibility of sending equipment to our state. Earlier, the country's government decided to allow its demining equipment to be sent to Ukraine in rare cases.

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