APU training on Leopard: a military observer admits that upon completion they will give us tanks


Leopard Armed Forces training: military observer assumes that upon completion we will be given tanks

APU will soon begin training on Western tanks. It is likely that upon their completion we will be given tanks.

Such an opinionChannel 24voiced by military observer Denis Popovich. In general, Leopard tanks are not late for the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Training on tanks from 10 days to a month

Popovich said that in the near future time, exercises on the British Challenger will begin. Our military will go to the UK, where they will learn how to use these tanks. The decision on these tanks has already been made in principle, and these tanks will be handed over to us.

We are talking about up to a month of exercises on the Challenger. However, they say that due to the skills of Ukrainian tankers, this term can be much more concise. That is, 10 days – 2 weeks. Somewhere in such volumes, training on the Leopard can also be considered, – the military observer noted.

Popovich admits that after the completion of the exercises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on tanks, they will give us them: watch the video

Probable March Counteroffensive

He continued that it is quite possible that before Germany announces the transfer of tanks, our military will already be able to work on them. There is talk of a counteroffensive that could be planned for March. Numerous statements are heard about this, including from the American side.

“Therefore, we take a month for training, we take time to make appropriate decisions that we will be given tanks, then the formation of units and subunits. In principle, everything can be ready by the end of March,” Popovich said.

Military assistance to Ukraine: latest news

  • Ukraine's partners provide us unprecedented military assistance. Yes, the published list of weapons practically covers the needs that Valery Zaluzhny spoke about in an interview the day before.
  • International partners have not yet been able to agree on the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Now Germany does not give permission for the delivery.
  • At a meeting in the Ramstein format on January 20, Ukraine's allies could not agree on the provision of Leopard tanks to Kyiv. This is largely due to the position of Germany.

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