Archaeologists have discovered ancient Roman baths in Spain

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Archaeologists have discovered ancient Roman baths in Spain

An excavation site in Andalusia

Moscow. 22nd of May. INTERFAX.RU – A well-preserved ancient Roman bath complex was found in the sands of southern Spain, reports The Independent.

Archaeologists have found ruins on the Andalusian coast near the village of Caños de Meca. In the sand dunes on an area of about 8 thousand square meters. m there are baths, which have preserved windows, doors and a 4-meter wall. Over time, the buildings were covered with sand, which helped them to survive.

Probably, the baths were richly decorated, since traces of red, black and white stucco moldings, as well as marble, were found at the site. Archaeologists believe that the complex had a kind of oven that heated the air, which circulated and heated the walls and floor. Probably, the baths used natural hot springs, which have since dried up.

The excavations were led by scientists from the University of Cadiz. They attribute the found terms to the 5th century. They believe that these were public baths used by local workers involved in fishing and salt extraction.

Scientists even initially suggested that they had found a special fish pond – a kind of farm – in which fish and crustaceans were raised. Fishing was the most important industry in this region during the Roman era. Located near present-day Tarifa, the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia was famous for its fermented fish sauce, which was sold throughout the empire.

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