Archer in Norway suspected of mental illness

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Archer in Norway suspected of mental illness

The man who fired a bow in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg and killed five people may have mental illness, Reuters reported, citing Norwegian police.

According to her, law enforcement officers considered several motives that could push a man to commit this crime. These included anger, revenge, impulse, jihad, illness, and provocation.

“The hypothesis that was most solidified in the early days of the investigation was that illness was the motive,” said local police inspector Pir Thomas Omholt. He said that the shooter is now in a closed psychiatric institution.

The incident in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg took place on October 13. On this day, a man armed with a bow and arrow started shooting in the street. As a result of the incident, five people died, two more were injured. Later, the shooter was detained. It was a 37-year-old Danish citizen living in Kongsberg. Sources of the local newspaper Aftenposten clarified that the man had previously converted to Islam.

The next day, October 14, Oslo police received a report that another man with a bow had been seen in the city in the Husebi area. However, as the police found out later, he did not pose a threat. “It was a harmless occupation, the man apologizes to those he scared,” the department said.

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