Are earplugs harmful?

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No wonder they say how many ears, so many opinions! But we got to the bottom of the truth!

Headphones that are inserted directly into the ear by the speaker, known as earplugs, earplugs, and droplets, are one of the most popular forms of earbuds. They are loved not only by users, but also by manufacturers: these are the headphones that usually come with smartphones. But despite their popularity, their reputation has been tarnished, since, according to popular belief, such headphones are unhealthy. Understanding!

Are earplugs harmful?


Here's what the opponents of earplugs have to say:

As the Official Journal of the American Auditory Society “Ear and Hearing” writes, citing research by Harvard Medical School Dr. Brian Flygor: “Generally, the smaller the speakers, the higher the sound pressure level, regardless of the volume at which you listen music. Compared to large headphones, where the ear is completely enclosed by the housing, in-ear headphones increase the sound pressure level by about 9 dB.

And here is the opinion of the Australian National Acoustic Laboratory of Sydney: “In-ear headphones allow you to hear a lot of background noise, which encourages you to constantly increase the volume, especially when a person is on noisy streets and transport. It turned out that a quarter of player owners set the volume higher than it should be, which leads to long-term hearing damage. “

Here's what proponents of in-ear headphones have to say:

Unnamed specialists of the site about headphones : »It is even more useful to use high-quality earplugs that are fully immersed in the ear, because in this case people usually listen to music at a lower volume. In addition, in the case of large headphones, in order to act on the inner ear, you have to not only vibrate, but also move a large volume of air, which increases the pressure on the inner ear. “

Brian Fligor, Director of Diagnostics, Boston Children's Hospital; Deanna Meinke, professor of audiology at the University of Northern Colorado: It's a myth that in-ear headphones are worse than any other. The volume level does not depend at all on the performance of the earphone. What's more, in-ear headphones that fit snugly around the ear isolate background noise and don't make a person turn up the volume or get distracted.

Editorial opinion

The controversy surrounding the choice of headphones is somewhat deliberate. Both earplugs (earbuds, drops) and large headphones have their own ways to hurt you. We could say: “Listen to what you like, and the ear, after all, will heal before the wedding!” However, common sense mixed with empiricism forces us to say that plugs are still more harmful.

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