Are new mobilized under martial law immediately sent to the front?


Are new mobilized under martial law immediately sent to the front

< p _ngcontent-sc142="" class="news-annotation">Martial law continues in Ukraine, and with it general mobilization. We are telling you whether those who have just been taken into the Ukrainian army will be sent to the front.

There is no shortage of personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the general mobilization is still ongoing. So Channel 24 is in a hurry to reassure those who are afraid to immediately go to the front without preparation.

Will the mobilized be sent to the front

As Colonel Roman Gorbach, Head of the Personnel Department of the Headquarters of the Ground Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted, it is not worth worrying about sending new mobilized to the front.

He noted that those who have previously completed military service and have experience in certain positions can be sent to military units.

If a mobilized citizen has not completed military service, first he is sent to the training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There, according to Gorbach, they expect military training. And only after that, the new mobilized are transferred to combat military units to perform tasks.

As for the military units themselves, theyfirst of all, they are staffed thanks to the reserves of the first stage. Also, reservists are sent there, who signed a contract for service in the military reserve.

How many days does the training take

The Association of Lawyers of Ukraine shed light on this issue. They noted that the preparation process itself has a shortened time frame. from 7 to 20 days are spent on it. Everything will depend on the specialty of the mobilized.

Note that mobilized training is divided into two categories: primary and basic.

Initial training. It is carried out to form primary general military knowledge in people.

Basic training. Its purpose is to prepare a citizen to perform tasks in both peacetime and wartime. During it, a soldier gains knowledge in:

  • handling and using weapons;
  • actions on the battlefield (moving, as well as orientation on the ground);
  • providing medical, as well as primary psychological assistance (self-help);
  • handling improvised explosive devices;
  • forming stable moral and psychological properties.

Important! If you were sent to the front line without prior training and weapons skills, you need to contact the hotline of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Phone numbers: 0-800-500-410, 0-800-500-442, 044-454-44-99. In order to respond promptly to the violation, state your full name, as well as the number of the military unit where you serve.

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