Are space objects dangerous: how do asteroids threaten the Earth?

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Are space objects dangerous: how do asteroids threaten the Earth?

Are space objects dangerous: how do asteroids threaten the Earth?

According to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, more than 25 thousand asteroids and comets cross the Earth's orbit. Of these, only 40% of space bodies of significant size have been identified. However, this percentage can be overestimated, says Georgy Goncharov, a leading researcher at the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“We can say that 10%, not 40%. But on the whole, a minority, this is undoubtedly. And this means that we just know little, “Goncharov told Moskva 24.

According to him, the difficulty lies in the fact that not all space objects are visible, some are hidden in the rays of the Sun. Goncharov stressed that 99% of ten-meter stones are practically unknown, so their collision with the Earth is impossible to predict. One of these asteroids flew over Chelyabinsk, and this can happen every year.

“It was typical of these asteroids. And the damage was typical back then. This is such a classic case, ”said Goncharov.

Large asteroids will not go unnoticed, and there is no need to fear catastrophes.

“Even a kilometer-long one will not sneak up unnoticed. We can say with optimism that we will also see the 100-meter asteroid in advance, ”the specialist assures.

Previously, scientists discovered in the United States traces of a giant tsunami, which occurred 66 million years ago after the fall of the asteroid. This disaster led to the death of not only dinosaurs, but also 75% of other species that inhabited the planet in the Cretaceous period.

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