Are the Belarusians ready to fight against Ukraine: Tikhanovskaya assessed the threat of an offensive


Are the Belarusians ready to fight against Ukraine: the threat of an offensive was assessed at Tikhanovskaya

The risk of another attack on Ukraine by Belarus is growing. At the same time, there may be different forms of Lukashenka's actions in the war.

The head of the united transitional cabinet of Belarus Valery Kovalevsky spoke about this on channel 24. According to him, there may be a form when Belarusian land and infrastructure are used to attack Ukraine by Russian troops.

Valery Kovalevsky noted that there could also be an escalation of Lukashenka, namely, an order for the Belarusian military to enter the territory of Ukraine and directly take part in hostilities.

According to Kovalevsky, there are signs that Russia will again enter Ukraine from Belarus:

  • Accumulation of forces and equipment.
  • Deployment of a military grouping of Belarus and Russia.
  • Subtle mobilization taking place.
  • Starting to check some military infrastructure in Belarus itself, as well as bomb shelters.
  • Officials of the KGB and the Security Council travel to enterprises and talk about threats coming from Ukraine. And also that you need to prepare, because there will be provocations and sabotage on the territory of Belarus.

“All this looks like a certain movement towards a certain goal,” summed up Valery Kovalevsky.

< p>He noted that this could be an attempt to demonstrate force, psychological pressure on the Ukrainians, an attempt to pull some of the Ukrainian troops away from the main front. However, very often in such processes there is a “no-return button” item, when everything goes so far that it is no longer possible to stop.

This already creates such an alarming atmosphere that Belarus, despite on the decision or choice of Lukashenka, may be drawn into the war, – said Valery Kovalevsky.

According to him, the Belarusian army itself has practically no motivation. After all, they reflect the intention of a society that is anti-war.

“After all, we have a more monolithic society than in Russia. A more compact country, less national diversity. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the Belarusian armed forces also have anti-war sentiments and do not want to fight. They understand that this is a war for other people's interests yet and against the country that did not threaten in any way,” Kovalevsky stressed.

What should the Belarusian troops do

The head of the joint transitional cabinet advised to refuse mobilization and to go to military units. After all, when the military operation itself begins, then events may not develop at all as we would like. For example, there may be barrage detachments with security forces who have already been recognized as anti-people and may commit criminal acts.

“The situation may also develop in such a scenario that the Belarusians will cross the Ukrainian border and make the appropriate choice – to lay down their arms and switch to side of Ukraine, and not to fight for the interests of their enemies. Because Russia is an enemy of Belarus,” Kovalevsky added.

The latest news from Belarus

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine call on Belarusians not join the war of Russia against our country. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have appealed to the Belarusian people with a request not to follow the criminal orders that the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is preparing to issue.
  • Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, in despair over the failure of the war against Ukraine, is once again creating tension in the North. Overturning of equipment with a new tactical sign is recorded in Belarus.

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