Are Ukrainians with dual citizenship liable for military service?


Are Ukrainians with dual citizenship liable for military service

At the end of 2022, the government approved the rules for military registration of conscripts, conscripts and reservists. The innovations have already caused a great resonance among society.

24 Channel, together with Vladislav Yurchak, a lawyer at T&T Partners, found out what this means. Read the full article in our article.

What should Ukrainians who have two passports do

Currently, there are about 7-8 million people abroad. Mostly women and children. However, among them there are also men of military age. It should be noted that many citizens of Ukraine worked abroad until February 24. Until 2023, they were actually in the “grey zone”.

In particular, we decided to explain about Ukrainians abroad, who have lived there for a long time, at local passports. Ukraine has not yet settled the issues of dual citizenship. Will the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers entail new problems?

It should be understood that under the law, if a citizen of Ukraine has acquired citizenship (citizenship) of another state or states, then in legal relations with Ukraine he is recognized only as a citizen of Ukraine.

Comment a lawyer

Thus,the presence of dual citizenship does not exclude the fact that a person, as a citizen of Ukraine, is liable for military service. Consequently, all the duties defined by the new order apply to her.

In my opinion, the relevant legislative changes are more declarative. If we take into account the public outcry, then the legislator, in fact, out of the blue caused a whole wave of discussions among the population. Given this, in order to apply these norms in practice, legislative clarifications and subsequent implementation are necessary, that is, granting powers to diplomatic institutions and regulating the issue of responsibility, the lawyer summed up.

How it will be operate this military registration in diplomatic institutions

  • If citizens who are abroad have reached military age and do not have a deferment or are not exempted from conscription for military service, foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine must inform them of the beginning of the next conscription of Ukrainian citizens for military service.
  • within 7 days after a citizen of Ukraine becomes a consular register abroad (or is removed from it), the diplomatic institution must report a conscript, a person liable for military service or a reservist to the relevant district or city TCC and SP, SBU bodies or units of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (for their place being on military registration).
  • Diplomatic institutions must maintain lists of conscripts, those liable for military service and reservists who are on temporary consular registration and are on military registration. Such lists will be kept for 5 years (the form indicates personal data, address of residence abroad, the date of registration or removal from the consular register and the authority in Ukraine in which the citizen is registered with the military).

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