Arestovich explained why the Russians did not hit Kyiv on Independence Day


Arestovich explained why Russians didn't attack Kyiv on Independence Day

On August 24, the invaders attacked Ukrainian cities a little more than usual. However, despite the forecasts, they did not hit Kyiv.

One of the reasons is that there is a fairly powerful air defense system in the capital. Alexey Arestovich, a freelance adviser to the Office of the President, spoke about this on the air of the YouTube channel “FEIGIN LIVE”, channel 24 reports.

Arestovich said why the Russians did not attack Kyiv

According to the OP's adviser, the attacks on Ukrainian cities on August 24 were a little more than usual. At the same time, they were smaller than everyone had already imagined.

“If you remember, we said that it is unlikely that there will be attacks on Kyiv,” Arestovich added.

According to him, Russia did not attack the capital, because there are many foreigners there, and killing an American or German diplomat is not what the occupiers need.

The second point is that there is really very strong air defense here. Not because Kyiv is the capital and it needs to be covered, but because it is the largest military transport hub and military facilities also need to be covered here,” the adviser to the OP noted.

Besides, according to Arestovich, the invaders don't have that many missiles to attack.

“Fire eight more cruise missiles to ensure they are shot down – well, that's it,” the OP adviser noted.

He added that the third reason is that Russia is really looking for negotiations and reconciliation. Any strike on Kyiv or elsewhere with significant civilian casualties is a postponement of negotiations.

“In addition, today is a meeting of the UN Security Council, at which the president is now speaking, and if there was a strike, then it is understandable what kind of agenda would they create,” Arestovich added.

The President's Office adviser summed up that the occupiers have exhausted their capabilities and are not interested in escalation, and most importantly, what they want is a truce.

Pay attention! Although the invaders did not attack Kyiv on August 24, they hit Chaplin twice. As a result of the shelling, 22 people were killed, among which 5 were burned alive. Another 22 civilians were injured.

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