Armed Forces of Ukraine are pushing enemy artillery from the coast: in Kherson, the intensity of shelling has slightly decreased


Armed Forces of Ukraine are pushing enemy artillery from the coast: in Kherson, the intensity of shelling has slightly decreased

The invaders continue to shell the city of Kherson, arrivals occur almost every day. However, in recent days, the intensity of shelling has fallen somewhat.

This was told to Channel 24 by the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Serhiy Khlan. According to him, now in the Kherson region, the main task of the Ukrainian defense is to push the Russians as far as possible from the left bank so that their artillery cannot reach Kherson.

Khlan said that on March 17-18, the intensity of shelling of Kherson somewhat decreased. This happened thanks to the counter-battery work of the Ukrainian artillery.

She covers the artillery of the enemy on the left bank, pushes it away from the coastal strip. Because the occupiers are shelling their artillery from the shore, from a distance of 10-15 kilometers, sometimes even firing from tanks,” the speaker added.

The enemy uses drones more often

The deputy said that the enemy began to use a new tactic – drones, including drones with explosives. One of these drones dropped explosives on the territory of the Kherson medical facility.

It can be concluded that the invaders received some reinforcements with drones and are now changing their strategy and starting to use them to track the vehicles of the State Emergency Service, firefighters and hit critical infrastructure.

Khlan about the situation in the Kherson region: watch the video

APU hit the enemy

It is also known that the occupiers are restless on the left bank, they are redeploying equipment. Khlan noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are constantly inflicting targeted strikes on places where the occupiers gather. Now the main task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the destruction of enemy artillery .

The deputy also said that not far from Genichesk in Novotroitsk, the occupiers had located their military unit on the basis of one of the agricultural enterprises, because they considered it a safe place. There were more than a hundred military personnel with equipment.

HIMARS definitely flew there. According to local reports, no more than a dozen Russians survived, the official added.

It is interesting that the Russians cordoned off this territory and told the owner of the enterprise that they would arrange a memorial complex there.

However, it will not come to this, the Russians should not hope for the construction of such complexes, but it is better to think how to escape. There are no safe places for the occupiers in the occupied Kherson region – wherever they are, they will fly there anyway, Khlan concluded

News of Kherson region: main

  • Natalia Gumenyuk emphasizes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing a good job of pushing the enemy back. Constant counter-battery work is yielding results.
  • The partisan movement “Atesh” staged another sabotage in the occupied territory of the Kherson region. The partisans managed to blow up the railroad tracks. The Ukrainian military claims that this is only a rehearsal before large-scale actions.
  • The Russians in the Kherson region are using the tactic of two attacks. First, they hit a public transport stop, which killed three people. After some time, rescuers, military, doctors, journalists arrived there, and it was at that time that the second shelling began.

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