Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a counteroffensive in the South: the invaders suffered significant losses


APU carried out a counteroffensive in the South: the occupiers suffered significant losses

AFU caused significant damage to the occupiers/Collage 24 channels

On May 28, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the South launched a counteroffensive. Ukrainian defenders and defenders inflicted serious losses on the enemy.

Operational command “South” reported that the situation on the collision line has its own dynamics. Thanks to the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian invaders have to take up defensive positions at unfavorable, under-equipped lines.

Currently, hostilities in the southern direction continue. Russian occupiers continue to shell civilian infrastructure. The enemy is hitting settlements along the administrative border of the Nikolaev and Kherson regions.

Russian invaders attacked Nikolaev with multiple launch rocket systems. Operational command “South” emphasized that the enemy, out of desperation, is trying to sting painfully. The occupiers get into residential areas.

On the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region, the enemy completely blocked the exit routes to the territories controlled by Ukraine. The Russian occupiers are checking cars in which local residents are trying to leave the occupied territories. The enemy carefully filters the cars and brings them back.

Having not received a positive reaction from the world community to their statement about the alleged readiness to create humanitarian corridors for the withdrawal of civilian ships from the blocked ports of Ukraine, the Russians continue the blockade, the message says.

The threat of missile strikes remains

Operational command “Yug” stressed that the Russian naval group remains unchanged. This supports the threat of missile strikes. In addition, the probability of attacks by strategic aircraft remains high.

Also, the operational command “South” called on Ukrainians and Ukrainian women to comply with the measures, as well as security algorithms. People are asked to monitor the situation and report the actions of suspicious persons to the competent authorities. In addition, they remind of the danger on the coast and the territory of other zones that are forbidden to visit.

30 thousand invaders have already been destroyed in Ukraine

Ukrainian defenders and defenders continue to destroy Russian invaders. As of May 28, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported about 30 thousand liquidated Russian occupiers. In addition, Ukrainian heroes destroyed:

  • tanks – 1,330 units;
  • armored combat vehicles – 3,258 units;
  • artillery systems – 628 units ;
  • multiple launch rocket systems – 203 units;
  • air defense systems – 93 units;
  • aircraft – 207 units;
  • helicopters – 174 units;
  • operational-tactical drones – 503 units;
  • cruise missiles – 116 units;
  • ships and boats – 13 units;
  • automobile vehicles and tank trucks – 2,226 units;
  • special vehicles – 48 units.

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