Armed Forces of Ukraine establish fire control over the railway, along which the occupiers are pulling reserves from the Crimea


The Armed Forces of Ukraine establish fire control over the railway, along which the invaders are pulling reserves from Crimea< /p>

The Ukrainian army continues to attack the enemy, in particular, in the Crimean direction. The Armed Forces are shelling the railroad along which the enemy is transporting weapons.

Speaker of OK “South” Vladislav Nazarov summed up the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on September 23. In particular, he noted that the Ukrainian army is trying to prevent the enemy from using its reserves.

Fire control over the railway in Crimea

According to Nazarov, Ukrainian soldiers are conducting training in order to later discover the command posts of the Russian army. It is also important to establish fire control over the routes that the infidels use to bring up reserves.

One of these routes is the railway in Crimea . Its army is preparing to attack regularly so that the invaders do not have access to weapons and the ability to quickly engage reserve units in military operations.

What is the situation in the southern direction

The Second Army of the World constantly endures defeat. The President of Russia even had to prohibit the soldiers from leaving Kherson by his order, although the commanders asked him to do so. According to the American edition of The New York Times, the retreat from Kherson will mean a complete defeat for the Kremlin in the war against Ukraine.

Recall the enterprise where the infidels' military base was located.

Besides, , there is often news about “cotton” in the Crimea. “Flew” to the Cossack Bay near Sevastopol.

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