Armed Forces of Ukraine found hidden positions of Russians near Bakhmut and dealt a powerful blow: operational video


Ukrainian Armed Forces found Russian hidden positions near Bakhmut and dealt a powerful blow: operational video

Russian militants keep trying to capture Bakhmut. Our military heroically hold the line and repel enemy attacks.

Fighters of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade discovered the hidden positions of the Russian invaders near Bakhmut. Our soldiers dealt a powerful blow to the places where the invaders were based.

Regular losses of Russian soldiers

The occupiers set up hidden positions in the forest belt near Bakhmut. However, the drone operators of the 30th Motorized Brigade found them there as well. The Ukrainian defenders showed successful work.

Several accurate grenade drops – and the enemy, having suffered losses, shamefully fled. We will also drive him out of our land, the military say.

How Ukrainian soldiers caught the positions of the Russians: watch a powerful video

Bahmut Fortress

  • Fierce battles have been going on near Bakhmut for several months now. The Russian invaders have pulled almost all their forces to the Donbass.
  • ISW analysts are convinced that the enemy's forces will not last long. In their latest analysis, the experts noted that the occupiers are very exhausted in Bakhmut. They suggest that the invaders are approaching a climax, as they did in August in Kherson.
  • “Russian combat losses likely force the Russian military in the Bakhmut area to use assault teams of one size … formations above platoon level.”
  • Speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Cherevaty recently stated that Bakhmut remains the main direction of the enemy’s strike, the invaders have concentrated all their forces there, trying to break through our defenses.

Pay attention! Bakhmut is not only the strategic plan of the occupiers, it also has psychological significance. The retreat of the UAF would allow the invaders to take higher and more protected positions. Also, an enthusiastic city would play in favor of the propagandists. Analysts of The Wall Street Journal told about it.

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