Armed Forces of Ukraine have worked: Russian invaders can no longer use the Darevsky bridge


Ukrainian forces have done their work: Russian occupiers can no longer use the Daryevsky bridge

< p _ngcontent-sc86="" class="news-annotation">Ukrainian defenders successfully destroy all enemy attempts to advance on the territory of our country. On August 26, the artillerymen “worked” so that the enemy could no longer use the Daryevsky bridge for their own purposes.

As told in the operational command “South”, the operation was stopped.

Let's add that we are talking about the Daryevsky bridge, which lies across the Ingulets River.

“Rocket and artillery units continued to carry out fire missions , including to ensure control over the Darievsky bridge,” the South OK was added.

How the day went in the South of Ukraine

The situation in the South remains stably tense, but is controlled by the defense forces. The enemy is in occupied defense positions in the face of demoralization of personnel and complication of logistical support.

During the night, the invaders attacked our positions along the line of collision with a Ka-52 attack helicopter pair. Fortunately, there were no casualties among our fighters. In the Nikolaevsky district, the enemy was again preparing S-300 missiles. The building of the Nadbug professional agrarian lyceum was destroyed. The fire was extinguished, 2 civilians were injured.

Also on the night of August 26, the enemy fired at:

  • Shirokovskoe Society – from a tank,
  • Krasnogrigoryevskaya – heavy artillery,
  • Marganets and Zelenodolsk – “Grads” and “Hurricane”.

There is damage to private farmsteads, office buildings, power grids. There were no casualties.

Achievement of our Armed Forces

At the same time, a pair of our Mi-8s delivered a productive strike in the morning on the area of ​​​​concentration of enemy manpower, weapons and equipment near Vysokopolye.

< p> The already confirmed losses of the enemy during the night are 27 infidels and a 120 mm mobile mortar. Other losses are being specified.

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