Armed Forces of Ukraine in the South destroyed 65 invaders, armored vehicles and Redut-2US


Ukrainian Armed Forces in the South destroyed 65 invaders, armored vehicles and Redut-2US

Russians suffered losses in the South/Channel 24 collage losses. The Russian occupiers lost more than fifty personnel and more than 10 pieces of equipment.

The corresponding information was reported by the “South” operational command. This is the situation as of July 18.

Russians suffered losses in the South

Our aviation operated with two attack aircraft due to the composition of ammunition and the accumulation of enemy forces in the Snegirevka area,” the command explained. to no avail – our aviators coped with the task without loss. With the help of rocket fire and artillery, the enemy lost:

  • 65 units of personnel;
  • Redoubt-2US complex hardware communications;
  • 11 units of armored and automotive vehicles.

In addition, at dawn, our rocket and artillery units inflicted well-aimed blows on the accumulation of weapons, enemy equipment and the composition of ammunition in the Raisky area of ​​​​the Novokakhovskaya community, as well as on the composition ammunition in the area of ​​Beryslav, Kherson region.

The invaders continued to hit civilians

The “South” operational command reported that the situation in our operational zone was difficult, but controlled.

It is preliminary known that the occupiers are equipping additional defense lines, but they are not conducting active operations and are observing the tactics of remote shelling and air strikes. In particular, the Russians:

  • on the night of July 18, 40 Grad MLRS rockets fired at the private sector of Nikopol, hitting the fuel and lubricants of a private enterprise;
  • through two hours likewise struck at the port, the blood transfusion station and the local clinic. One civilian was injured;
  • With 12 S-300 missiles, the enemy hit Nikolaev and the suburbs – destroyed suburban infrastructure facilities, damaged residential and industrial areas of the city. There were no casualties.

At the same time, in Snigirevka, the invaders shot down a house on the outskirts with a mortar, trying to blame the Ukrainian defense forces for this. It is noteworthy that the film crew of the propaganda media appeared on the scene just instantly after the fact. But the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are too far away from there for a mortar hit, – reported OK “South”.

Added that 4 civilians were killed by this attack for the sake of the picture. In addition, the invaders:

  • attacked from the sky to simulate control over the lost territories of the Kherson region;
  • hit the liberated Ivanovka three times with a strike unmanned aerial vehicle;
  • Potyomkin was attacked by a pair of Mi-8s. No losses.

By the evening of July 18, the invaders again attacked Nikolaev from Uragan multiple launch rocket systems, fired at the private sector with cluster shells: they damaged windows and roofs in residential buildings. Previously, two people were injured – a woman and a man were hospitalized.

16 “Caliber” in the Black Sea

The blocking of navigation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea continues enemy ship grouping of two missile ships. – the command reported.

Two ships have 16 “Caliber”. Also in the Black Sea there are 4 large landing ships, which with might and main support the illusory probability of a landing operation.

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