Armed Forces of Ukraine need to seek opposition, – Yigal Levin explained what tactics the Russians use


Armed Forces of Ukraine need to seek opposition, - Yigal Levin explained what tactics the Russians use

During the year of full-scale war, Russia for the most part used two key tactics of warfare – an artillery barrage and massive infantry attacks. However, lately the enemy has been trying to adapt.

Recently, they have tried and tested the effectiveness of small infantry wave tactics. A military analyst, senior lieutenant of the Israel Defense Forces, Yigal Levin, spoke about this on Channel 24 .

Russian army tactics

In particular, this tactic was tested with the help of the Wagnerites, who stormed Bakhmut and Soledar in living waves. Now the Russian Ministry of Defense has already begun to recruit convicts in prisons instead of the Wagner PMC.

This suggests that they will continue to try to implement these tactics of small infantry assault groups. They are slowly eating through the Ukrainian defenses, and the General Staff of Ukraine needs to find some kind of answer to this,” the military analyst notes.

He emphasizes that there is no symmetrical answer here. After all, Ukraine cannot mobilize prisoners in the same way and throw them into assaults in equal numbers.

“That is, for every 50 of their people, throw 50 of their own, for every 500 of them, throw 500 of their own, and for every 5,000 of them, 5,000 of their own. This is impossible, neither from a moral, nor from a practical point of view,” said Yigal Levin.

Yigal Levin on enemy tactics at the front: watch the video

Consequently, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine urgently needs to find a way out of this situation, because the enemy already has limited success in the Bakhmut and Avdeevka directions.

They are connected precisely with these infantry assault groups. Certain means to impress this infantry on the battlefield must be immediately implemented, the IDF officer concluded.

Consequences of Russia's “military tactics”

Despite a certain progress, the tactics of infantry assaults led to huge losses of Russia in manpower and not only. As of the morning of March 15, the enemy lost:

  • 161 thousand 520 – personnel,
  • 3 thousand 492 units – tanks,
  • 6 thousand 799 units – armored fighting vehicles,
  • 2 thousand 528 units – artillery,
  • 502 units – MLRS.

On the contrary, the tactic of the artillery barrage did more harm to Ukraine. Thanks to such “military tactics”, Russia has actually leveled a number of Ukrainian cities to the ground:

  • Raisins (Kharkiv region),
  • Kupyansk (Kharkiv region),
  • Kremennaya (Luhansk region),
  • Severodonetsk (Luhansk region),
  • Lisichansk (Luhansk region),
  • Popasnaya (Luhansk region),
  • Mariupol (Donetsk region),
  • Volnovakha (Donetsk region),
  • Maryinka (Donetsk region),
  • Liman (Donetsk region).

And there are many smaller towns and villages. At present, Izyum, Kupyansk and Liman have already been liberated from Russian occupation, although life there has practically stopped. Regarding the de-occupation of other cities, this is what the Armed Forces of Ukraine are currently working on.

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