Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the work of the Switchblade strike drone: the invaders scattered like cockroaches


AFU showed the work of the Switchblade strike drone: the invaders scattered like cockroaches

Infantrymen showed how they destroy the Russians/channel 24 collage

Ukrainian military celebrate May 6th as Infantry Day. They showed the result of the foot soldiers' work.

Defenders from the 53rd separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Vladimir Monomakh showed a video of how the Russians were being destroyed. We did this with the Switchblade tactical strike unmanned aerial system.

“We cheered up the occupiers, who were so stubbornly preparing fortifications. Enjoy watching,” said Colonel Dmitry Titenko.

Destruction of Russian assassins: watch the video

Infantry Day

According to Titenko, Ukrainian infantry is rightfully considered one of the best in Europe. Since she demonstrates her honor and strength not at festive parades, but in heavy battles with Russian invaders, who have much more equipment.

The first to install Ukrainian flag

Titenko stressed that the infantrymen are closest to the enemy under the attack of Russian artillery and tanks. However, the Ukrainian defenders are advancing and confidently holding the line. It is they who raise the blue-and-yellow flag over the liberated territories.

There is also a downside to heroism – it is the infantry who bears most of the losses. And we bow our heads before the sacrifice of our brothers who gave their lives in the battles for Ukraine,” Titenko said.

Rebuff from the Royal Infantry

Russian invaders tried to storm the positions of the defenders from the 24th separate mechanized brigade named after King Daniel in the Luhansk region. However, only seven people survived from the group of enemy paratroopers. The military established that the killed Rashists lived in Udmurtia, Bashkiria and the Rostov region.

Other victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: latest news

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  • Russia is reluctant to remove the bodies of its military from the territory of Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of enemies allows you to bury soldiers in mass graves or destroy their remains on the battlefield to hide the mobilization. Ukrainian defenders report about the destroyed invaders.
  • A Russian drone was shot down in the Dnipropetrovsk region on May 6.
  • The Ukrainian military captured the invaders in the Zaporozhye region. In addition, they took the BMP-2 from them.
  • Marines from the 503rd separate battalion eliminated 2 infantry fighting vehicles on April 29.
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