“Army of drones”: the world's first strike companies of drones are being formed in Ukraine


"Army of drones": the world's first strike companies of drones are formed in Ukraine< /p>

At a meeting of the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief, General Valery Zaluzhny decided to create drone strike companies. The defenders who lead them have already been chosen.

This was announced on January 27 at the Ministry of Defense. They noted that, together with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Special Communications Service, they created the Coordination Headquarters, which will operate within the framework of the Army of Drones project.

“This is necessary to implement a number of key reforms and scale up the production of UAVs , to provide the Defense Forces of Ukraine with them,” the agency wrote.

Ukraine is creating an “Army of Drones”/Photo from the telegram of the Ministry of Defense

At what stage is the project

The Ministry of Defense reported that they had already selected the most professional military men to lead the strike companies. Each group will have drones, ammunition, Starlink and other necessary equipment. The defenders will hit the enemy in hot spots.

The main training partner for shock companies is the military school “Boriviter”. We are doing everything to supply the soldiers with modern technologies,” the ministry noted.

UAVs in service in Ukraine: latest news

  • Turkish Bayraktar drones will be produced in Ukraine. The plant will start operating within the next two years.
  • Sergey Prytula showed how the Ukrainian Shark drone works in combat conditions.
  • The commander of the TERRA aerial reconnaissance unit, Nikolay Volokhov, told Channel 24, that drones also help artillery to effectively cover hostile positions with fire.

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