Arrest warrant for Putin: the ISS explained how Ukraine can operate with this


Arrest warrant for Putin: the ISS explained how Ukraine can operate with this

The International Criminal Court in The Hague has issued an arrest warrant for dictator President Putin. Then, in the structure, they explained how our state can use it.

On Friday, March 17, in The Hague (Netherlands) they decided to issue a warrant for the arrest of Putin and the Commissioner for Children's Rights under the President of Russia, Maria Lvova-Belova. Subsequently, on the air of the national telethon, the speaker of the International Criminal Court, Fadi El-Abdallah, commented on this, Channel 24 informs .

What opportunities are opening up for Kyiv

Note that they allowed the arrest of Putin and Lvova-Belova after suspicion that they were involved in the kidnapping of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories. According to Fadi El-Abdallah, the investigation into this case has already begun.

123 countries recognize the International Criminal Court, but Russia is not among them. However, this decision gives more rights to Ukraine, which recognizes our (ISS – Channel 24) decision, – the representative emphasized.

At the same time, he said that in the legal field, Ukraine can operate with this decision of the ISS. In particular, in relations with countries recognizing the court.

For example, Kyiv may demand from such states the immediate arrest of Putin and Lvovo-Belova, if they suddenly decide to visit the territory of these states.

How Russia steals Ukrainian children / Picture 24 Channel

Moscow's cynical reaction to the ISS decision

  • The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the hostile state, Maria Zakharova, after the publication of information about the permission to arrest the head of the enemy state, hastened to declare that Russia does not recognize the decision of The Hague.
  • In addition, she cynically said that “I could not think for another 15 years” that in Europe “saving children” would be called criminal offenses. According to her, this is due to the fact that they allegedly carry out a very strange policy towards children in the West. In particular, they force them to change their gender, which, of course, is not true.
  • The former adviser and press secretary of the leader of the terrorist state, Sergei Markov, also reacted to this. He also stated that the Kremlin allegedly “saves” Ukrainian children.

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