Arrest warrant hit Putin very hard: it is becoming a disaster for the Russian regime


Arrest warrant hit Putin very hard: it is becoming a disaster for the Russian regime

On March 17, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. The very fact of the publication of this warrant had a tremendous impact on the Russian dictator.

Thus, the issuance of an arrest warrant for Putin by the ISS is a precedent, because this is the first time this concerns the leader of a nuclear state. Political scientist Igor Reyterovich told Channel 24 about this.

What is the importance of issuing an ISS warrant

Mechanisms and tools to bring the head of the Kremlin to justice do not actually exist yet. They will need to be worked out in the process of this case. However, this story is very important from a political and symbolic point of view .

The fact that this warrant is issued will change a lot. In particular, regarding the perception of Russia and Putin, as well as the reaction of other countries to the processes that are currently taking place and are associated with the aggressor country.

How did he influence Putin himself and the regime

Reiterovich noted that there is a possibility that the Russian dictator could be held accountable . So, this can happen in 2 scenarios:

  • at least in Russia the regime is changing and the new leadership is ready to betray Putin;
  • revolution in the aggressor country.

So far, these scenarios do not look quite realistic. At the same time, the very fact of the publication of the warrant and the arguments provided have already caused enormous damage to Russia and directly to Putin. This is just the beginning,” the political scientist emphasized.

In his opinion, this is not the last decision regarding the Kremlin dictator and his entourage. All other statements that will be made in this context will “undermine” the Russian regime and will make it weaker.

In addition, the issuance of the ISS warrant has contributed to the destruction of the image of Putin and his “second army of the world.” This hit the morale of the Russian dictator hard.

Reiterovich about the arrest warrant for Putin: watch the video

Why is the warrant immediately for Putin, and not his henchmen

It is important that the ISS issued a warrant directly for the Russian dictator. The reason is that the court found sufficient evidence for this and relied on a variety of facts when making its decisions, in particular:

  • Putin's decrees on the deportation of Ukrainians and children, which can be found on the Russian President's website;
  • During a meeting with Maria Lvova-Belova, Commissioner of the President of Russia for Children, Putin actually confirmed that he had helped her steal Ukrainian children.

The court made this decision based on the totality of evidence that is public and can be found on the website of the President of Russia. This is a disaster for the Russian regime, because they have lost their vigilance to a certain extent, the political scientist said.

So, since 2014, the Russians have come up with a lot of “they are not there.” And now they began to call a spade a spade. So, the court has a colossal evidence base , which allows it to qualify these crimes in this way and issue appropriate orders.

Putin's Arrest Warrant Essentials

  • On March 17, an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin was issued at the International Criminal Court. Now he has the official status of a suspect in an international crime. We are talking about the illegal forced transfer of Ukrainian children.
  • In addition, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Maria Lvovskaya-Belova, authorized president of Russia for children's affairs.
  • Prosecutor General Andrey Kostin said Putin's arrest warrant meant that outside of Russia, the Kremlin-controlled dictator should be arrested and brought to trial.
  • Russia reacted quickly to the warrant for Putin's arrest. The representative of the Foreign Ministry of the aggressor country, Maria Zakharova, said that the decisions of the International Criminal Court do not matter to Russia.

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