Artificial intelligence learned to recognize lies by voice

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Artificial intelligence learned to recognize lies by voice

Artificial intelligence learned to recognize lies by voice

Russian engineers have created a system that can be called a new generation lie detector. She is able to determine by her voice whether a person is telling the truth or lying, Izvestia reports.

The work of the online system RiskControl is based on the well-known fact – the need to lie causes stress in a person, and this is manifested in physiological reactions. As part of the experiments, the subjects were asked a series of questions to which they had to answer only “yes” or “no”.

During the first phase, the questions were neutral. The system memorized an emotionally neutral voice reaction, which showed that the person was telling the truth.

Subsequent responses were compared by artificial intelligence with these samples and, if they did not match, flagged as false.

“It was surprising for us ourselves to find a specific sign of a lie when a test participant says“ yes ”, but the frequency spectrum of his voice is the same as when the answer is“ no, ”said Maksim Konobeyevsky, Science Director of Fora Digital.

The system does not require complex equipment to operate. A computer and a loringophone connected to it are enough.

The system evaluates the answers in five categories: the presence of pauses before the answer, the duration and loudness of the pronunciation, the spectral composition and the correspondence of this composition to the meaning of the word. If only one sign indicates deception, the system considers this to be an accident, but if several factors coincide at once, it delivers a verdict of a lie.

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