As a result of Russian aggression, almost a thousand children suffered, including 324 deaths


Almost a thousand children suffered as a result of Russia's aggression, including 324 who died

Almost a thousand children suffered as a result of Russian aggression/Word and Deed

Russian aggression has already ruthlessly claimed the lives of 324 children in Ukraine. Unfortunately, about 600 more were injured.

This is evidenced by the latest data from the Office of the Prosecutor General. In total, as of the morning of June 22, more than 916 children in Ukraine suffered as a result of Russia's full-scale armed aggression.

Among them:

  • 324 children died,
  • more than 592 injured.

Pay attention! These figures are not final, as work is underway to establish them in places of active hostilities, in temporarily occupied and liberated territories.

Most of the children suffered in:

  • Donetsk region – 307,
  • Kharkiv region – 175,
  • Kyiv region – 116,
  • Chernihiv region – 68,< /li>
  • Luhansk region – 54,
  • Kherson region – 52,
  • Nikolaev region – 48,
  • Zaporozhye region – 30,
  • Sumy region – 17.

Recent cases of harm to children

June 21 as a result of enemy shelling of the village of Bezruki, Kharkiv region An 8-year-old girl was fatally injured. Her mother was also injured.

On the same day, 5 children aged 9 to 16 were injured due to shelling near the Zolotaya Rybka pond in the town of Chasov Yar, Bakhmut district, Donetsk region.

In total, the Russian armed forces damaged 2,052 educational institutions. Of these, 210 were completely destroyed.

Jolie spoke about children affected by the war

The famous American actress Angelina Jolie, who visited Ukraine, also cheers for Ukrainian children.

This war is a child rights crisis. Children bear the brunt of war, the actress wrote powerfully.

“Joint efforts to overcome physical and emotional trauma must meet the needs not only of the children of Ukraine, but also of Afghanistan, Yemen and many other forgotten conflicts that are not funded enough to cover the needs of children,” Angelina Jolie emphasized.

She added that local organizations are doing everything possible to provide babies with the food and education they need to grow. However, the Hollywood star called on the world for even more humanitarian assistance so that a generation of children would have the resources for treatment.

Elena Zelenskaya burst into tears, remembering the children who died in the war: watch the video

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