As soon as Erdogan is re-elected as president, his rhetoric towards Russia will change, – political scientist


Once Erdogan is re-elected president, his rhetoric towards Russia will change, – political scientist

Turkish companies for tens of millions in 2022 could sell Russia technologies related to the military-industrial complex. Ankara believes that its current position allows it to receive financial and even geopolitical benefits.

Political scientist Igor Reyterovich told about this forChannel 24. He noted that Turkish President Recep Erdogan has significant ambitions.

“And these are ambitions not even at the regional level. No one has made specific demands on Turkey, so they will continue their policy further “, the political scientist said.

Turkey already had a warning

According to Reiterovich, earlier Turkish business received several warnings and then steps back followed. In particular, we can recall the story of Mir cards, when Russians began to travel to Turkey en masse and use them.

“However, the US Treasury spoke about this right at a press conference. They noted that this is, to put it mildly, the wrong position. Then many banks and hotels began to refuse these cards. The conclusion was made immediately, “Reiterovich said.

Elections will be key

According to the political scientist, balancing between Ukraine and Russia will continue until the election campaign in Turkey. It is important for Erdogan to be re-elected.

For him, Russia's war against Ukraine and the role of Turkey in various processes, first of all, the opportunity to strengthen its position in the domestic political arena. His electorate, especially those who do not live in big cities, like the ideas of the revival of power. Erdogan is exploiting this quite actively, Reiterovich believes.

He said that the EU and the US should make comments about Turkey not crossing red lines. According to Reiterovich, it is one thing to participate in a grain agreement or buy oil, and quite another when we find out that we are supplying dual-use goods that Russia can use for the military-industrial complex. The political scientist does not exclude that there will be official or unofficial US appeals.

“If the elections in Turkey end with Erdogan's victory, then I think that certain changes in policy will take place. That is, Turkey will limit cooperation with Russia and begin to take a tough stance on certain issues. We can say that in Turkish position on the grain agreement is quite tough,” Reiterovich added.

What is known about the incident with the sale of goods to Russia: in short

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  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Turkey exported American electronics to Russia in 2022.
  • Reporters examined trade data and determined that 13 Turkish firms supplied goods to the general amount of at least 18.5 million dollars. Ten Russian companies that were sanctioned received plastic, rubber products, vehicles, power generators, circuit boards.
  • According to Turkish officials, Ankara only implements sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council.
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