Astronauts will be selected for blood tests

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Astronauts will be selected for blood tests

Scientists from the NASA center in Houston have come up with a method for selecting astronauts. They proposed to predict the degree of damage to human health in space by analyzing his blood.

In fact, scientists have learned to determine the individual radiosensitivity of potential astronauts (as astronauts are called in the United States). They decided to use gamma rays on the blood samples. This will make it possible to predict how much the chromosomes of astronauts will be damaged in flight. It is important that the person is resistant to radiation.

Scientists took blood samples of astronauts during their work before and after flights. It was important for them to compare the effect that gamma rays had on the blood of astronauts in laboratory conditions and cosmic radiation on the International Space Station (ISS).

Russian experts noted that the method of NASA scientists can be used to draw up an expedition schedule that could maximize the health of astronauts.

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