At an industrial slaughterhouse, a pig killed a butcher who wanted to slaughter her

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In an industrial slaughterhouse, a pig killed a butcher who wanted to slaughter it

After an animal attack, a slaughterhouse worker was wounded by a 40-centimeter cleaver in his hand.

At the Sheung Shui slaughterhouse on the northern outskirts of Hong Kong, China, a 61-year-old butcher died trying to slaughter a pig.

This is reported by CNN, citing city police.

The slaughterhouse worker was about to kill a pig, which he had already stunned with a stun gun, but she suddenly came to her senses, rushed at the butcher and knocked him to the ground. As a result, the butcher received a wound on his left leg from a 40-cm cleaver held in his hand.

The victim was found by his colleague, he was taken to the hospital, and later pronounced dead.

The police reported that the cause of death has not been reliably established.

The City Department of Labor has launched an investigation into this case.

“We will complete the investigation as soon as possible to determine the cause of the incident, ascertain the responsibility of the perpetrators, and recommend measures to improvement. In the event of a violation of labor protection legislation, we will take action in accordance with the law, ”said a representative of the department.

The city department of food and environmental hygiene, which manages slaughterhouses, expressed its condolences to the man’s family.

Recall that in the United States of America, a patient died, who during a historic operation was transplanted with the heart of a genetically modified pig. 57-year-old David Bennet with a pig's heart lived only two months.

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