At night, at low altitudes: how many helicopters Ukraine lost during deliveries to Azovstal


At night, at low altitudes: how many helicopters Ukraine lost during deliveries to Azovstal

How many helicopters Ukraine lost during deliveries to Azovstal/collage of Channel 24

lost contact with the defenders of Mariupol at Azovstal, the sky remained the only chance to deliver help. During missions to supply medicines and ammunition to Azovstal, Ukraine lost three helicopters.

The Russians spotted a Ukrainian group for the first time on the fifth flight

According to Ukrainska Pravda, Ukrainian pilots made 7 helicopter missions to Azovstal. Ukrainian crews had to fly at night and at very low altitudes to bypass enemy air defenses.

It is reported that Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters flew to Mariupol along a route where, according to intelligence, it was possible to bypass Russian air defense.< /p>

Medicines, ammunition, food and water were brought to our defenders and defenders, and seriously wounded were loaded back.

In such missions, Ukraine lost three helicopters. According to a source of Ukrayinska Pravda, the Russians spotted the Ukrainian group for the first time on the fifth flight, when it was returning from Mariupol. As a result, the invaders shot down one helicopter.

Two other helicopters were lost during the seventh flight. According to the journalists' source, one Ukrainian helicopter caught fire and crashed in the occupied territory. After that, another rescue helicopter flew out of the Dnieper to rescue the survivors.

But an ambush was already waiting for him, and this helicopter was shot down with MANPADS. So now they are lying there together, like in a movie – with each other, – said the source of Ukrainska Pravda.

It is reported that the last, seventh flight, took place at the turn of April – May, in about 20 days before the full exit of the defenders from Azovstal.

Special operation to assist the defenders at Azovstal: what is known

  • For the first time about the pilots who flew at Azovstal, 20 May President Volodymyr Zelensky said. The head of state reported that many Ukrainian pilots who tried to deliver aid to Azovstal died near Mariupol.
  • On May 26, the head of Ukrainian intelligence Kirill Budanov told the details of the special operation and said that the Main Directorate of Intelligence was responsible for the mission.< /li>
  • He informed that 16 helicopters took part in the mission, of which the Russian military destroyed two. Another infidels shot down when a Ukrainian helicopter came to the aid of another.
  • Budanov stressed that all transactions were successful. Also, according to him, 72 Azov workers were overturned by helicopters at Azovstal.

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