At night, because he is a criminal: Putin is “cracked down” on the net because of his cynical visit to Mariupol


At night, because he is a criminal: Putin is

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol, which the network has already called a demonstration of his fear. The dictator from the Kremlin, like a thief, made his way into the city in the middle of the night.

While all the world leaders come to Ukraine during the day to support it and demonstrate to the Kremlin that it has no chance at all, Putin has used a different strategy. He used night time for “tours”. So, on the night of March 19, he visited Mariupol for an hour. For this, he has already arrived on the net. Channel 24 has collected the most interesting reactions for you.

Putin was called a coward and a thief

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Denisenko noted that neither in Mariupol nor in Sevastopol did Putin take a personal cameraman and photographer. And the dictator from the Kremlin has a good reason for this.

The reason is fear. Wild fear. Russian history has not yet known such a cowardly tsar. Does Russian society understand this? It’s definitely beginning to realize it,” he remarked.

Denisenko added that the Russians, as always, everything comes too slowly. However, he is convinced that sooner or later they will understand that Putin is not only x***o, but also s***lo!

Piotr Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, also noted Putin's fear. He added that several dozen guards accompanied the dictator from the Kremlin. And not just like that, he was very afraid of the “gratitude grenade” that he could throw in Mariupol.

Lonely Putin went for the last time in his life to the Philharmonic / Meme from Sergey Sternenko's Twitter

One of the netizens drew attention to the news about Putin's visit to Mariupol. He noted that only a double of the Russian president could arrive in the city. Like, “the real one would pile 3 suitcases,” you know what.

The network emphasized that the videos of propagandists are very helpful. After all, they, in fact, show us an international criminal at the scene of his crime.

The offender was red-handed / Screenshot from the network

Recall that the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin. He is charged with a war crime. We are talking about the abduction of Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories. Unfortunately, the Russians forcibly removed many little Ukrainians from Mariupol.

They also joke that after the warrant, Putin's life sparkled with new colors. He broke loose as if from a chain, driving around the occupied territories of Ukraine. Either he went to the Crimea, then he already stopped by Mariupol. We understand him, we want to see our temporary possessions before their release and his imprisonment.

Putin, in anticipation of prison, went on tour / Screenshot from the network

Netizens, like us, were very surprised that the Russians were in no hurry to post materials from Mariupol. He was in the city at night, and the videos only started showing up in the morning. Not surprisingly, there were thoughts that this was another fake, dispersed by the Kremlin. Okay, now there are photos and videos. But that doesn't change the fact that Putin is still a coward.

What could be the dialogue of Putin, who made his way to Mariupol in the middle of the night:

  • Somewhere, in the night Mariupol: Knock-knock.
  • Who's there?
  • It's me, Putin!!
  • What do you need?!
  • Yes, I'll chat…

Another netizen expressed outrage at the fact that Russian propaganda is incessant in its lies. He noted that Putin held a meeting on the socio-economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol via video link. And then he suddenly decided to come to Mariupol on his own, “where he drank tea, hell knows with which of the locals.”

The network succinctly focused on Putin's behavior. His visit to Mariupol at night is nothing more than a demonstration that he is a thief.

I'm sorry, we're hysterical here. We cannot calm down, laughing, because the dictator from the Kremlin can do anything. So, one of the netizens ironically stated that “Mariupol was built in the bunker and the sea was dug out.” Otherwise, he would have been arrested on the territory of Ukraine. And here we agree, because Mariupol is Ukraine. And soon he will return home, and Putin will go to jail.

Jokes are jokes, and Putin's night visit is a clear demonstration that he is very scared. And that he does not feel safe in the territory that his fighters have captured. And he does the right thing.

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