At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine “minused” 2 warehouses of the accumulation of invaders in the Kherson region, – Khlan


At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine

HIMARS destroy enemy warehouses in the Kherson region/Collage of 24 channels

The Ukrainian military almost every night arranges incendiary parties for the invaders in the Kherson region. During this night alone, it was possible to destroy 2 warehouses with enemy ammunition at once.


Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Sergey Khlan told about this during the air of the Espresso TV channel. He noted that the Russians, in any case, complain about the United States, which facilitates these “parties.” It is not surprising, because HIMARS continue to effectively destroy the enemy.

HIMARS are on almost every night

Our HIMARS are on all the time, almost every night. At night they worked again (APU – Channel 24) near Berislav, a warehouse with ammunition. Detonations were heard there from the night, – Khlan emphasized.

He also said that powerful explosions were also heard near Kherson that night. We are talking about the Chernobaevka region, which has become a kind of Bermuda triangle for the invaders.

There, according to the deputy, the Armed Forces of Ukraine once again strike at the concentration of enemy troops.

strong> At the same time, he noted that, despite the frenzied losses, the occupiers continue to consistently pull both equipment and manpower there.

Sergey Khlan added that our military has recently been engaged in the gradual destruction of rear enemy supplies. Despite this, the invaders, although at a more modest pace, continue to accumulate their forces in the Kherson region. And they do this because they are terribly afraid of the further advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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