At the border, the “father of many children” could not name the date of birth of any of the three children


At the border, a

At the checkpoint on the Ukrainian-Polish border, a man who tried to travel abroad introduced himself as a father of many children . However, as it turned out later, the documents provided to the border guards turned out to be fake.

A 58-year-old native of the Kherson region tried to travel to Poland by regular bus. He provided the border guards with copies of three notarized birth certificates for children.

A man bought fake documents

In addition to copies of certificates, the man showed the border guards his passport, which contained information about three children aged 8, 11 and 15 years old. The border guards suspected forgery of documents, so they invited the “father of many children” to a conversation, during which he could not name the dates of birth of “his children” and the place where documents were issued.

Later, the man admitted that he bought fake documents from unknown persons for in order to cross the border. The border guards informed law enforcement officers about the offenses under the article on forgery of documents and handed over the man to the police.

The State Border Service noted that during the martial law regime, only the border guards of the Lviv detachment found more than 1,700 documents with signs of forgery. All cases were reported to the police.

Who has the right to travel abroad

Due to the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, martial law and general mobilization continue. Men from 18 to 60 years old are liable for military service and can be mobilized and are prohibited from traveling abroad. However, there are some exceptions. in particular, the following can go abroad:

  • men with disabilities;
  • Persons who, for health reasons, received a deferment from mobilization or were removed from military registration by decision of the VLK and have the appropriate documents certifying this;
  • Persons from the defense and security forces who suffered in connection with the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, for treatment with the presentation of relevant documents;
  • parents 3 more children;
  • men who independently raise a minor child or children;
  • guardians/adopters of minor orphans;
  • men raising children with disabilities;
  • parents of adult children with disabilities Group I or II;
  • parents of two children under 18 accompanying a pregnant wife;
  • men who provide permanent care for a relative or if one of the parents or the wife is a person with a disability I or group II;
  • ship crew members, if they are sent to work on ships, inland navigation vessels;
  • railway workers;
  • aviation personnel who go on business trips or training;
  • < li>scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers in the presence of military registration documents with a record of deferment from conscription and documents confirming the purpose of departure;

  • students who study abroad and have documents confirming the fact of admission to universities abroad , and the fact of payment for training;
  • drivers of vehicles of economic entities licensed for the international transportation of goods and passengers;
  • volunteer drivers transporting goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical supplies or humanitarian aid;
  • cultural figures for charitable gathering and representing the country on the international stage;
  • athletes and coaches for participation in official competitions and training camps;
  • politicians and deputies who have compliance granting permission based on reason for travel;

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