At the end of the exercises in Belarus, enemy air groups still remain on the border, – General Staff


After the exercises in Belarus, the enemy air groups still remain on the border, – General Staff

It's no secret that Belarus has been conducting continuous military exercises on the border with Ukraine since April 29 . In general, Russians and Belarusians are honing their military skills at 9 training grounds in Belarus.

The General Staff reported up-to-date information on the front and rear as of the evening of February 2. What is happening on the border with Belarus – read on.

The situation in the north of the country

According to the General Staff, no enemy offensive groupings were found in the Volyn, Polessky, Seversky and Slobozhansky directions.

Enemy units are being trained at the training grounds of Belarus. At the same time, the joint training of the aviation component of the regional grouping of troops of Russia and Belarus has ended.

However, as noted, the return of the enemy aviation grouping to permanent airfields has not yet been noted.

What is known about Lukashenka's “non-aggression pact”

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus said that Kyiv offers Minsk to conclude a non-aggression pact. Like, in order to prevent Belarusian troops from moving into Ukraine.

Vladimir Zelensky commented on the statement of the self-proclaimed president of Belarus. The head of state replied that what Ukraine offers is available on official platforms. At the same time, the Ukrainian side has repeatedly said that it does not intend to attack Belarus.

At the same time, Mikhail Podolyak commented on Zelensky’s words when he replied that Belarus’s participation in the war is very desirable for Russia, but for Belarus itself it is participation from a strategic point of view is a mistake.

“Yes, of course, they have already provided infrastructure, provided certain training ground capabilities, provided airfields, fuel bases, repair capabilities, and so on. But still, for Belarus, to put it mildly speaking, it would be from a legal point of view and from the point of view of historical responsibility” not to enter the territory of Ukraine,” Podolyak said.

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