“Atesh” conducts reconnaissance at the airfield in the occupied Saki: photo


The partisan movement “Atesh” continues its work in the temporarily occupied territories. For example, on March 17, another reconnaissance took place at the airfield in Saki in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The partisans shared their reconnaissance personnel and noted that this was not the first time they had paid attention to this airfield. This is not surprising, because it is actively used by the Russians in the war against Ukraine.

What are the results of intelligence

This is not the first time we have paid attention to the military airfield of Saki, which is located in the Crimea. This airfield is actively used by rashists as a springboard for killing Ukrainians and civilian infrastructure, so it cannot be left unpunished, the report says.

The partisans have not yet reported the results of reconnaissance work at the airfield. However, “Atesh” published footage from the airfield.

Exploration in Saki / Photo “Atesh”

This is not the first time the guerrillas conduct reconnaissance at the airfield

The other day, Atesh stated that against the background of the events taking place in the future, it is important to know everything about the airfield used by the Russians. So they did some reconnaissance. There are 4 skyscrapers near the airfield, 1 of which is a military hostel. There are no watchmen in it, but all the inhabitants know each other.

There are 2 entrances to the airfield. One of them is a few dozen meters from the hostel. However, not a single window from the high-rise buildings nearby overlooks the airfield. Airfield security, according to them, is at a low level.

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