Atlas 5 rocket launched into orbit with $ 750 million satellite

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Moscow. September 27. INTERFAX.RU – The Atlas 5 heavy launch vehicle on Monday launched into orbit with the new Earth remote sensing satellite Landsat 9 in the interests of NASA and the US Geological Survey, the US space agency reported

The launch was carried out at 14:11 US East Coast time (21:12 Moscow time) from the SLC-3E launch complex at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

A device with the most advanced optical and infrared equipment, which allows obtaining images with a resolution of up to 15 meters, will be launched into orbit. The satellite will transmit information about global climate changes, monitor the situation with the planet's natural resources, including water and agricultural resources. Landsat 9 is capable of transmitting over 700 images of the Earth's surface per day.

Landsat 9, which will be launched into orbit with an altitude of about 705 km, is an integral part of the Landsat program for obtaining satellite images of the Earth. It will carry out photographs of the Earth in tandem with a similar satellite Landsat 8, which was launched into orbit in 2013. Together, they will be able to cover the entire surface of the planet every eight days.

The cost of the Landsat 9 spacecraft, which will replace the Landsat 7 launched in 1999, is $ 750 million.

The first of the Earth remote sensing devices of the Landsat series was launched back in 1972.

As a concomitant payload, the Atlas 5 launch vehicle will also launch four miniature satellites called cubsats into orbit. Two of them are intended for various scientific research by NASA, two more will carry out secret missions in the interests of the US Space Force.

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