Attack in Vienna by Islamic terrorist

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Attack in Vienna by Islamic terrorist

The attack in Vienna was carried out by at least one Islamist terrorist. This was stated by the head of the Austrian Interior Ministry, Karl Nehammer, reports TASS.

“Yesterday we survived an attack by at least one Islamist terrorist,” the minister said. He noted that the Austrians have not experienced a similar situation in decades. It is known that one of the shooters in Vienna sympathized with the Islamic State (IS) organization banned in Russia. It is reported that the offender was armed with a rifle and an explosive belt, which turned out to be a fake.

The shooting began in Vienna on the evening of November 2. It was carried out by several criminals from six different points in the city. The Austrian Interior Ministry proceeds from the fact that the incident was a terrorist attack. One of the shooters, armed with a rifle, was liquidated by law enforcement officers, another one was detained. In total, at the moment, with the exception of the offender, three people have died.

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