Attacks on convoys, information operations: CNN spoke about the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the liberation of Crimea


Attacks on convoys, information operations: CNN spoke about the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the liberation of Crimea

Western analysts assured that Ukraine is making a lot of efforts to return Crimea to the state. Actually, they mentioned the recent “pop” on the territory of the peninsula, in particular, on the railway and in the warehouse with cruise missiles.

On Sunday, March 26, the authoritative American edition of CNN published a large-scale analysis that talks about the problems of Russians in the occupied Crimean peninsula. It is likely that the Armed Forces are now actively preparing to return the territory.

Explosions, sabotage and information operations

As experts stated, now our military from time to time “disturb” the Russian Black Sea Fleet and interrupt transport routes vital for Putin's soldiers in the Crimea. It is not surprising that in the north of the peninsula, at least from February, the enemy began to build up military capabilities. Satellite images testify to this.

Last week, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine reported that the explosions in the city of Dzhankoy were due to a strike on a train of Russian Kalibr-type cruise missiles that were being transported by rail. It is noted that the strike served as “the demilitarization of Russia and preparation for the de-occupation of the Crimean peninsula,” the media said.

In addition, they noted that the occupying authorities launched an investigation due to a drone attack on the city of Dzhankoy, which is one of the military centers in Crimea.

It is important that already two days after that, in the city, the base of the Black Sea Fleet, that is, in Sevastopol, “some kind of miracle” air defense worked almost all night. The so-called “governor” of the settlement then “stated” that the allegedly first Ukrainian attack of sea drones on Sevastopol had been suppressed.

Also, sabotage in the Crimea by unknown persons periodically takes place. Russian media reported on an attempt to blow up a gas pipeline in the city of Simferopol this month, causing an explosion and fire, CNN wrote.

However, a Ukrainian resistance center claimed in February that partisans had blown up a railroad in Bakhchisarai near Sevastopol. To this it should be added that the scale of the partisan movement on the peninsula is unknown, but it is obvious that there are quite a lot of Crimeans on the territory of the peninsula who do not agree with the occupation.

Note! The occupiers also live restlessly because of information attacks. As journalists note, recently the frequencies of radio stations in Crimea were broken. Through them, unknown people spread, in particular, false information about the order to evacuate from the region.

The Russians will fortify in the Crimea

Obviously, the Russian invaders understand that they do not have long to be on the peninsula, which is why they build fortifications, fortifications and dig trenches on the territory of Crimea. This happens, say, in the Krasnoperekopsky district in the north of the region. To do this, the enemies cut forest belts.

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