Attempts to reanimate were useless: a 24-year-old Ukrainian tragically died in Poland

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Attempts to revive were useless: a 24-year-old Ukrainian tragically died in Poland

A young Ukrainian tragically died in the Polish city of Mielno (Podkarpackie Voivodeship).

Ukrainian rested in a nightclub in the town of Mielno, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, with his compatriot and another foreigner. The deceased had a conflict with the latter.

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According to the police, the deceased Ukrainian, his compatriot and an Armenian citizen worked in one firm and lived together. On the night of May 8, they rested in a nightclub, where a 24-year-old Ukrainian and a 26-year-old Armenian at some point went outside.

Suddenly, a quarrel arose between them, which escalated into a fight. As a result, a citizen of Ukraine fell unconscious, they tried to help him, but they failed to resuscitate the man. While the doctors were driving, unfortunately, he died.

According to unofficial information, the alleged conflict occurred on financial grounds, but there is no exact information. A drunk citizen of Armenia was detained.

He is suspected of beating him to death. Now the prosecutor's office is awaiting the results of a forensic medical examination, which should indicate the exact cause of death of a young Ukrainian. The detainee may be formally charged this week.

Recall that in Spain, Russians severely beat a Ukrainian for saying “Glory to Ukraine”.

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