Atypical activity and number of Russian ships in Black Sea – Gumenyuk


Atypical activity and number of Russian ships in Black Sea - Gumenyuk

Natalya Gumenyuk said that they are actively observing the actions of the enemy. In particular, this also happens after the downing of an American drone by a Russian ship in the Black Sea.

The press secretary of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine said on the morning of March 16 on the air of the telethon that they had recorded atypical activity of the enemy, Channel 24 reports.

What is the situation in the Black Sea

Fixed atypical activity and the number of ship groups. Currently, there are 20 units in the Black Sea, including 4 launch vehicles, one of them is underwater. 28 missiles, if we speak to the maximum, can be equipped for launch, – said Natalya Gumenyuk.

The press secretary also added that the general activity of the Russians is associated with the dispersal of the ship's composition. According to Natalia Gumenyuk: “There are a lot of units of the auxiliary fleet, which may indicate just the same activity for which they were preparing.”

“They (the Russians – Channel 24) are trying to demonstrate their presence in the Black Sea as much as possible where the world community can allow them,” the representative said.

That is why the Russians are trying to disperse, covering the theater of naval operations in the Black Sea as much as possible and trying to hide their actions from Ukraine. Despite this, our missile surveillance still gives its results – the Armed Forces of Ukraine see and understand the hostile steps forward.

The invaders continue to shell the South

Natalya Gumenyuk said that, unfortunately, the shelling does not stop. In particular, the Russians continued to shell the Right Bank of the Kherson region even at midnight against March 16th. Russia wounded one civilian there, there is the destruction of several houses.

That is, once again, shelling is unsystematic, aimed directly at terrorizing the civilian population,” the speaker said.

She added that there had been no shelling in the direction of the Kinburn Spit over the past day. This is due to the fact that before that our Defense Forces worked diligently there. They forced the enemy to withdraw firing positions from that part of the spit from where they could strike. Enemies cannot bring up new forces, including due to assault weather.

Gumenyuk warned of a possible new attack by the Russians

Natalya Gumenyuk said on March 14 that Russian ships continue to be on duty in the Black Sea. The occupiers withdrew 17 warships, including 4 launch vehicles, one of which is underwater.

This suggests that up to 28 Caliber are ready for launch, the speaker noted.

According to her, at present the occupiers have a tactic that first aviation works, and then missile carriers join in the Black Sea. This may indicate preparations for a missile strike. However, “muscle play” is not excluded.

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