Australian scientists have discovered five new species of spider-spiders

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Australian scientists have discovered five new species of spider spiders

Australian scientists have discovered five new species of spider-spiders

Australian scientists have identified five new species of spiders. This is stated in the publication of the Organization for Scientific and Industrial Research of the country.

Experts called them relatives of tarantulas and added them to a large list of Australian spider scouts. So, female spiders, found, for example, in Brisbane and in other areas, turned out to be slightly different species, new to science. They differ slightly in size and color. Thus, scientists found Euoplos raveni and Euoplos schmidti living in the lowland forests of the Brisbane Valley, Euoplos regalis from the highland rainforests of the D'Aguilar Range, Euoplos jayneae, which lives in the lowland forests of the Sunshine Coast, and Euoplos booloumba from the high-altitude rainforest of the Konondales ridge.

These arthropods share the same behavior. They hide in burrows, and then close the entrance with covers made of spider webs and clay. According to scientists, these spiders live only in certain small areas, so the discovery of new species helps to preserve their population.

Now science knows more than four thousand species of Australian spiders. But researchers believe that most likely, most of those existing on the mainland are not yet sufficiently known to science.

Earlier it was reported that a predatory plant that eats insects was found in North America. It uses them to pollinate flowers. But below on the stem are sticky hairs intended for catching pollinators.

And in the same Australia the other day they found the bones of the largest flying lizard. The study found it was the largest flying reptile on the continent. The pterosaur lived approximately 110 million years ago. Its wingspan reached seven meters. Scientists noted that during his lifetime he resembled a “real dragon” with a mouth dotted with sharp fangs.

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