Austria is looking for the money: is a new investor coming?


Austria is looking for the money: is a new investor coming?

Gerhard Krisch

Difficult days for the Austria bosses! The violets have to give the Bundesliga information about their finances. What's the future like?

Despite the initially vaunted entry of “Insignia”, the distribution group is short of money. The Bundesliga now expects the annual financial statements and a liquidity report for the current season by Wednesday. The violets had to take an extension of five days to complete.

AG board member Gerhard Krisch explains it on “Sky” as follows: “One or the other little thing is still missing that we are working on at full speed. There is a lot that we have to hand over: from annual financial statements to the forecast for the future, trend plans – but I am confident that we can hand in the documents. “

In any case, one thing is clear: Austria is looking for external donors, because little has come of “Insignia” so far. “In the last few weeks I have held talks with ten different possible investors. There are very interesting partners among them. That is one of the points that we will be intensifying in the next few days,” explains Krisch.

A possible partner is said to be the “Bravo Group” of ex-Real strategist Ivan Bravo – who was last seen in Vienna. Krisch says: “He was here in the course of his job in Budapest and just wanted to see a game again. I had an interesting conversation with him, he is an interesting option.”

Another possibility is that “Insignia” still has some money flowing into it. “One goal is to bring the sponsorship contract, which has meanwhile been discussed for a long time, under one roof. We have not yet succeeded in doing this. If you cannot find a solution, you have to think about an exit,” says Krisch.

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