Austria Wien does not receive a Bundesliga license


Austria Wien does not receive a Bundesliga license

The massive financial problems continue to cause Vienna Austria great concern. On Tuesday, Senate 5 of the Bundesliga refused the traditional club in the first instance the license for the coming season, as announced in a broadcast. All other eleven upper house clubs, however, received the game permit.

Austria can lodge a protest with the protest committee of the Bundesliga within eight days of the delivery of the decision – i.e. by next Wednesday. There is also the possibility of presenting new evidence of economic performance. The decision of the protest committee will be made by April 27th.

If the license or admission is refused by the protest committee, the applicant still has the option of filing a complaint with the permanent neutral court of arbitration. The arbitral tribunal is not a body of the Austrian Football League and decides – finally – instead of an ordinary court.

Austria President Frank Hensel stated in a broadcast by the association: “Thanks to the license decision we received today, we know exactly what requirements are placed on us and what we have to focus on. We will do everything we can to provide the additional information in a timely manner. “

Tipico Bundesliga

License granted: FC Red Bull Salzburg, SK Rapid Wien, RZ Pellets WAC, LASK, TSV Prolactal Hartberg, SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz, CASHPOINT SCR Altach, spusu SKN St. Pölten, FC Flyeralarm Admira, WSG Swarovski Tirol, SV Guntamatic Ried.

License refused: FK Austria Wien (financial), SC Austria Lustenau (infrastructural, financial), FAC Wien (infrastructural)

2nd league & regional league

License granted: SK Austria Klagenfurt, FC Wacker Innsbruck, Grazer AK 1902.

Approval granted: FC Liefering, SKU Ertl Glas Amstetten, SK BMD Vorwärts Steyr, SV Licht-Loidl Lafnitz, FC Juniors OÖ, FC Blau Weiß Linz, FC Dornbirn 1913, SV Horn, FAC Vienna, KSV 1919, WSC HOGO Hertha Wels (Regionalliga Center).

Approval as an amateur team of a BL club: SK Rapid Vienna II, SK Sturm Graz Amateure (Regionalliga Mitte), FC Wacker Innsbruck II (Regionalliga Tirol).

Admission refused: FK Austria Wien (financial) & Young Violets Austria Wien, SC Austria Lustenau (financial), SV Stripfing / Weiden (sporting criteria, infrastructural, legal, financial)

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