Avalanche in Tibet: 28 dead in blocked tunnel


Avalanche in Tibet: 28 killed in blocked tunnel

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">A rescue operation to find people trapped in an avalanche in Tibet has ended. Chinese state media reported that the death toll was at least 28.

Snow covered the tunnel exit in the southeastern city of Ningcha on the evening of January 17. People were trapped in their cars.

An avalanche hit Tibet

Local rescuers said the avalanche was triggered by a powerful wind. It is not yet known exactly how many people are still considered missing.

A representative of the local authorities said that they managed to find 53 survivors, five of whom were seriously injured. The following were sent to the scene:

  • 1348 rescuers,
  • 236 pieces of equipment.

They cleared a 7.5-kilometer passage. Experts from the local emergency response headquarters said that rising temperatures also played a role in the disaster.

An avalanche covered the highway connecting the city of Pai in Mainling County and Medogong County in Tibet, a remote and predominantly Buddhist region in western China . The mountain has a height of almost 4500 meters, as well as steep slopes. The road runs along it.

Pay attention! The Himalayas often suffer from avalanches, because here is the highest mountain in the world – Chomolungma. In particular, at least 26 people died in October after a climbing expedition was hit by an avalanche on Mount Draupadika Danda-II in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand.

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