Back to the USSR: an analogue of a pioneer organization is being created in the Russian Federation

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Back in the USSR: an analogue of a pioneer organization is being created in the Russian Federation

Russia is trying to finally return to the USSR, now with the appropriate symbols and organizations.

State Duma deputies The Russian Federation adopted a bill on the creation of a state organization of children and adolescents, which will be engaged in the education of Russian youth, the formation of “value orientations” and worldview.

This is discussed on the official website of the Russian parliament.

It is noted that the organization, whose name has not yet been determined, will work under the control of the federal authorities and the leaders of the regions, primary branches will be created in schools, boarding schools, houses of culture and circles. Educators can be adult citizens with a secondary education who are not included in the list of “foreign agents”.

It is alleged that participation in the organization will be voluntary (youth organizations in the USSR were also officially voluntary).

Head of the Duma Committee on Youth Policy Artem Metelev said that the government of the Russian Federation can transfer the ownership of organizations to children's camps, palaces of pioneers and institutions of additional education. According to him, the organization's supervisory board will be proposed to be headed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin supported the idea of ​​creating this organization at the end of April. The bill was submitted to the Duma in May, on the day of the centennial anniversary of the pioneer organization.

Recall that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation announced that the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, agreed to take part in the G20 summit. It is known that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was also invited to the meeting.

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