Bad call for Donetsk residents: what does a gesture with a visit to Mariupol mean


Bad call for Donetsk residents: what does a gesture with a visit to Mariupol mean

Earlier, the Kremlin dictator came to the temporarily occupied Mariupol. At first it was said that the visit was another fake.

Unfortunately, this is really Mariupol. Nikolay Osichenko, President of Mariupol Television, said this to Channel 24 .

The residents of the Potemkin House who came out to him are also residents of Mariupol. They are already recognized on social networks. As Osichenko notes, the woman who thanked the dictator for “a piece of paradise” is also a resident of the city – Irina Volosatova. “Locals write that she was engaged in looting a year ago. This is a typical fan of the Russian world,” he said.

Osichenko about Putin's visit to Mariupol: watch the video

What does this visit mean?

The dictator went on his tour – Crimea, Mariupol and Rostov-on-Don. The important thing is that in all 9 years of the war, when Danbas “bombed”, Putin never came to Donetsk. But he visited Mariupol.

“This is a demonstrative gesture. He shows a land corridor that is important to him,” the president of local television is sure.

Mariupol is very important to Putin. The point is, explains Osichenko, that this is primarily a seaport and a gate to the land corridor.

Before the war, we called Mariupol a showcase of the restored Ukrainian Donbass. Now for Putin, Mariupol is a showcase of the restored occupied Donbas. But even there he does not feel free, Osichenko emphasizes.

In the video, the dictator constantly straightens his shoulders, because he is very uncomfortable wearing the heavy body armor that he was wearing. The back of his head is wet because he's scared. Putin does not trust anyone. Not a single representative of the occupation administration of Mariupol was with him, they were not even warned about the visit of the Russian president.

“They (the Russians – Channel 24) understand that a lot of people in the ‘administration’ of the city work for us. A lot of people would willingly hand over the coordinates to us, and our guys hit there. But it happened the way it happened,” emphasizes Osichenko.

This visit, the President of Mariupol TV noted, is a very bad bell for the people of Donetsk. He shows that Putin and his troops will cling to Mariupol with their teeth.

There they will fight to the last Russian, there will be the most important battle of this war. When Putin loses Mariupol, he will lose everything. Inside his state, processes will begin that he has been afraid of for a very long time. I hope that that obedient people will rise up, because in fact – as long as possible, – says the president of Mariupol television.

Thus, Donetsk may be the next “good will gesture” for Putin. It is very difficult for him to hold such a line of collision.

“The most combat-ready force is Wagner, these are convicts. And they are running out. It seems to me that they will shrink,” Osichenko believes.

With this visit, Putin showed that he does not care about the decision of the International Criminal Court and will continue to travel where he needs to.

It is symbolic that Putin drove into the building where they planned to make a tribunal over the Azov people, who were exchanged for his godfather. He looked like there, and let him get used to it, – Osichenko noted.

Many Mariupol residents unanimously say, he continues, that the tribunal for war criminals should be in Mariupol.

Osichenko notes: Mariupol is the quintessence of what Russia has been doing in our state for a long time. Our people, our soldiers, have been dying for 9 years. “It is in that building, I really hope we will hold a trial,” the president of Mariupol television summed up.

Network reaction

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol. The network has already called him a demonstration of his fear.
  • The Kremlin dictator, like a thief, made his way into the city in the middle of the night. Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Denisenko noted that Putin did not take a personal cameraman and photographer to either Mariupol or Sevastopol, and the leader of the aggressor state has a good reason for this. The fact is that the dictator is very afraid, and society is beginning to understand this.
  • Read more about the reaction of the network in the material.

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