Bad weather seethes in Kyiv: a thunderstorm and heavy wind, a tree fall in the capital


Bad weather seethes in Kyiv: thunderstorm and heavy wind, tree fall in the capital

Bad weather boils in Kyiv: thunderstorm and heavy wind/Illustrative photo, Pexels

After lunch on June 21, a thunderstorm began in Kyiv. A strong wind tears off parts of the facades of buildings and breaks trees. We urge citizens to be careful.

As a result of a severe thunderstorm, many fallen trees blocked the passage on the roads, electricity disappeared in some settlements, and facade elements of buildings and roofs of houses were also damaged.

Public utilities have already left for the places to eliminate the consequences of bad weather.

Earlier, residents of the capital were warned that there would be a thunderstorm in Kyiv.

Please note:According to forecasters, today in many areas there is a squally wind and thunderstorms. A storm warning has even been announced in Ukraine. We urge people from regions where a storm warning has been issued to be careful, in particular, not to visit parks and not to park cars under trees.

At present, thunderstorms will pass almost all over Ukraine

On June 21, thunderstorms are expected in almost all Ukrainian regions, except for the southeastern part. In the western regions, wind gusts are 15 – 20 meters per second. In many regions, the first level of danger has been declared. Also, an emergency level of fire danger will prevail in Ukraine.

 Bad weather seethes in Kyiv: a thunderstorm and heavy wind, a tree fall in the capital

On June 22, gusts of 15-20 meters per second are predicted in the western, southern and most central regions. On this day, the I level of danger was also declared.

Rains with thunderstorms will pass in the northern and central regions. Rain with a thunderstorm is also predicted in Kyiv.

Weather forecast for Ukrainian cities.

  • Uzhgorod – +23…+25
  • Lviv – + 23…+25
  • Ivano-Frankivsk – +22…+24
  • Ternopil – +21…+23
  • Chernivtsi – +21…+23
  • Khmelnitsky – +19…+21
  • Lutsk – +21…+23
  • Rivne – +22…+24
  • Zhitomir – +16…+18
  • Vinnitsa – +18…+20
  • Odessa – +22…+24
  • Nikolaev – +21 …+23
  • Kherson – +23…+25
  • Simferopol – +23…+25
  • Kropyvnytskyi – +18.. .+20
  • Cherkasy – +17…+19
  • Chernihiv – +19…+21
  • Sumy – +16…+ 18
  • Poltava – +19…+21
  • Dnipro – +20…+22
  • Zaporizhia – +24…+26< /li>
  • Donetsk – +23…+25
  • Lugansk – +22…+24
  • Kharkiv – +23…+25
  • Kyiv – +19…+21

Bad weather seethes in Kiev: a thunderstorm and heavy wind, in the capital – a tree fall

Weather on June 22/Map Ukrhydromet center.

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